Septic Systems

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Is your residence serviced by a private septic system? Don’t forget to have it emptied!

The Provincial Act Respecting Wastewater Disposal and Treatment for Isolated Residences (Q-2, r.22, s. 13) requires that septic tanks must be emptied at the following intervals:

Full-time residence every 2 years
Seasonal residence every 4 years


The municipal by-law number 307 regarding the control of septic tank emptying is based on the requirements of the provincial law to ensure its respect on our territory.

Any owner emptying their septic system must submit a copy of the invoice certifying this emptying, to the Municipality, before the 1st day of the month of October of every year, when a septic emptying is required by the by-law.



Not complying with any element of the by-law established by the Municipality will result in the following fines:

Natural person 200$
Legal entity 400$


In case of repeated offence, the amount of the fine will be doubled.

Any infringement constitutes, day by day, a separate offence.

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