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Property taxes and duties on the transfer of immovables allow the Municipality of Hemmingford to obtain the necessary funds to offer you various services.

The information presented on this site is offered for information purposes only. It cannot be considered as legal opinions of the Municpality of the Township of Hemmingford. Furthermore, the laws and regulations published on this site are for administrative purposes only. Although every effort is made to keep them up to date, these texts may have been subject to modifications. Verification of official sources is strongly recommended.

Caution: School taxes are not the responsibility of the Municipality, but of either the Commission Scolaire des Grandes Seigneuries, or the New Frontiers School Board.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tax Rates 2024

Agricultural properties 0.27$ per 100$ valuation
Residual properties 0.32$ per 100$ valuation
Residual material collection 325$ per door

Due Dates

1st INSTALMENT:        No later than Wednesday, April 3, 2024

2nd INSTALMENT:       No later than Wednesday July 3, 2024

3rd INSTALMENT:       No later than Wednesday, October 2, 2024


It is important to note these dates, since no reminders will be sent to building owners. Any payment made after the deadlines will result in the addition of interest charges and penalties at the combined rate of 12%. The Municipality of the Township of Hemmingford is not responsible for delays or omissions in the delivery of mail, regardless of the payment method used.

In addition to the annual tax bill, it is possible that you may receive one or more supplementary accounts during the year. These accounts follow the adjustment of the value of your property after renovations, for example, or any other event that affects the value of your property. Each additional account has its own due dates.

New Owners

If you purchased a property in the Township of Hemmingford during the year, you will not receive a new tax bill in your name. The municipal tax account is a document produced at the beginning of the year and remains in effect throughout the year. It relates to the building and not to the owners.

The buyer becomes responsible for all future payments on the date of the transaction and not receiving a tax bill does not in any way relieve the new owner of the obligation to pay the municipal taxes according to the deadlines set by the municipality. When you sign the deed of sale, the notary will inform you about the taxes payable. To avoid incurring interest charges, to receive a copy of the the tax account statement, or to have more information on the balance due, write to .

In the event of non-payment, or if tax balances remain unpaid, the Municipality will always contact the last registered owner.

Please also refer to the section regarding duties on the transfer of immovables.

Any delay will result in interest and a penalty.

Duties on the transfer of immovables

chapter D-15.1

Duties on the transfers of immovables
(commonly known as: Welcome taxes)

The duties on transfers of immovables, is an amount that all municipalities in Quebec must collect when an immovable located on its territory is transferred. These duties are billed separately from the municipal tax bill and are payable by the buyer in a single payment 30 days following the date of the invoice.


Important information concerning property transfer duties:

Has the immovable you are acquiring been registered at the Quebec registry office (registre foncier du Quebec)?  

If YES:  You will receive your transfer duty tax by mail.  It will be mailed to the address of the immovable acquired, unless otherwise stipulated.

If NO:  It is your responsibility to remit the form ‘divulgation des transferts d’immeubles non-inscrits au registre foncier’ found below, to the municipality within 90 days of acquisition*.

Disclosure form for an immovable located in a campground

Disclosure form for all other immovable

* Please note that if the form is not remitted to the municipality within the delay, Revenu Québec will impose an additional duty equal to 150% of the transfer duty on a transferee (buyer) who fails to file the disclosure notice.

Transfer duty calculations:

The transfer duties are imposed on the greater value of the following amounts:
–    the amount of the consideration furnished for the transfer of the immovable (purchase price);
–    the amount of the consideration stipulated for the transfer of the immovable;
–    the amount of the market value of the immovable at the time of its transfer (municipal evaluation)

Once you determine the imposed amount, follow the bracket calculations to find out how much you can expect to pay in transfer duties.

Median proposition 2024 : 100%
Comparative factor 2024 : 1.00


Bracket amounts for 2024:

First – $0 to $58,900 at a rate of 0.5%.
Second – $58,900 to $294,600 at a rate of 1%.
Final – $294,600 and over at a rate of 1.5%.

Please contact the municipal office if you have additional questions concerning property transfer duties.

Change of address

To update or change a mailing address, please fill out the form:

       Change of address

Please ensure that the address on file is up to date. The Municipality cannot be held responsible for a change of address for which we were not made aware of.

Payment methods

Municipal taxes are linked to the property. They are payable in three instalments, except if the total is less than 300$. In that case, it must be paid in a single payment.

Several payment methods are available:

– By direct payment: Only the following financial institutions provide means of payment by online banking, phone, ATM or at their counters:

  • CIBC
  • Desjardins
  • Scotiabank
  • Laurentian Bank
  • National Bank
  • Royal Bank

Please identify your account with the Matricule/Registration number found at the top right of your invoice. Please make sure to select Hemmingford Township or CANTON de Hemmingford from the list of suppliers. We are not responsible for payments that are sent to the wrong municipality. If you own more than one property, you must enter a Matricule/Registration number for each of the properties for which you are making a payment.

By Interac e-Transfer: Please contact the municipal office in advance, 450 247-2050 or

By mail: Please send cheque(s) payable to the Township of Hemmingford. Please include the remittance stub in the enveloppe. We accept post dated cheques.

– In person: Cash or cheque is accepted at the office of the Municipality of the Township of Hemmingford.

Please check our business hours beforehand.


Whichever method of payment you use, allow sufficient time (two to three days) to avoid interest charges, since payments are only processed the day they are received at the municipality.

Any question about your taxes or your municipal assessment

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