Community Organizations

Citizen alerts


Adress: 505 Rue Frontière Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0 Canada


Priscilla Gareau

Phone: 450-637-8585

Amnesty International

Catherine Stratford

Phone: 450-247-3538

Anglican Church

Joe Grant

Phone: 450-247-3419

Bridges not Borders / Créons des points

Wendy Ayotte


Chicadee Quilters

Kate Ducharme


Christmas cookie run

Lucy Savage

Phone: 514-909-4058

Christmas Hampers / Emergency Fund

Sandy Dauphinais

Phone: 450-247-3330

Club Shriners Frontière Shrine Club

Richard Kearney

Phone: 514-708-7000

Community Gardens

Community Library – Bibliothèque Communautaire

Céline Daigneault


Phone: 450-247-0010

Eastern Star

Fabienne Winter

Phone: 450-247-3381

Environment Committee

Catherine Stratford

Phone: 450-247-3538

Frontier Youth Centre

Francesca Baron

Adress: 505 de la Frontière, local 9​ Hemmingford, Qc​ J0L 1H0


Phone: 450-247-0148

Garage Sale – Vente de garage communautaire

Elizabeth Thompson

Phone: 450-247-2565

Girl Guides

Nancy Duffina

Phone: 514-347-1966 (text only/texto seulement)


Gérard Laberge

Phone: 450-247-2949

Hemmingford Archives

Myrna Paquette

Adress: 517 Ave Champlain, Hemmingford, Quebec J0L 1H0


Phone: 450-636-8686 & 514-913-0672

Hemmingford Baseball

Scott Mitchell

Phone: 450-247-0139

Hemmingford Dek Hockey

Adress: 550 rue Goyette, Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0


Hemmingford Elementary

Carla Shaw, Principal

Adress: 548 Champlain Ave, Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0


Phone: 450-247-2022

Hemmingford Info

Hemmingford Soccer

Devon Watt


Hemmingford Sports Committee

I am Heshima

Lexis Beattie

Jeovah’s witnesses

Louis Cyr Regional Centre

Adress: 50 Rue de l'Aqueduc, Napierville, QC J0J 1L0

Phone: 450-245-7523

Madrigal Choir

Karen Howard


Phone: 450-829-2438

Masons – Maçons

Roy Catto

Phone: 450-247-0082

Meals on Wheels

Sandra Dauphinais

Adress: 549 Frontier Street, Hemmingford J0L 1H0

Phone: 450-247-3330

Municipal Housing Office

Anik Dionne

Phone: 450-348-3831 ext, 223

Old Convent Committee

Diane Lawrence & Marthe McKough

Adress: 549 Frontiere Street Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0

Phone: 450-247-2873 & 450-247-2498

Presbytarian Church

Darby Hill

Phone: 450-247-2314

Protestant Cemetery

Karl Kramell

Phone: 514-249-1908

Quebec Woodworkers’ Association

Simon Lavallée

Phone: 450-632-3813

Recreation Committee

Annie Duquette


Phone: 514-923-3310

Red Hats

Carolyn Martin

Phone: 450-247-3125

Riders of the border

Helga Sermat

Phone: 450-247-2479

Royal Canadian Legion – Légion Royale Canadienne

Mareel Giroux

Adress: 486 Ave Champlain, Hemmingford, Quebec J0L 1H0

Phone: 450-247-2962

Saint-Romain school

Cynthia Thomas, principal

Adress: 557 Frontier Street Hemmingford, QC, J0L 1H0


Phone: 514-380-8899 ext. 4801

Spinner’s Club

Lilliane LeQuellec

Phone: 450-247-2392

St-Romain Family Counter

Georgette Laberge

Phone: 450-247-2949

St. Roman Catholic Church

Père Jean Guy Lanthier

Adress: 543 Frontier Street, Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0


Phone: 450-247-2055

Terry Fox Run / Red Cross

Florence Ellerton

Phone: 450-247-3374

United Church

Janice Greer

Phone: 450-247-2376

Volunteer Firefighters – Pompiers volontaires

Neil Lamb

Phone: 450-247-2477

Volunteer Services

Anne Healey

Adress: 476 Frontier Street, Hemmingford, QC J0L 1H0

Phone: 450-247-2893

Women’s Institute

Jolene Robinson

Phone: 450-246-3549

Youth Council – Conseil des jeunes

Justin Petch