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Before planning your work, take the time to check whether you need a permit or certificate. To do so, contact our Development and Inspection Department or consult the Municipal By-laws section.

Anyone wishing to build, rebuild, extend or modify a construction must first obtain a building permit.

A violation of the urban planning by-laws is punishable by a fine (minimum $500 plus costs) and often results in unpleasant inconveniences.

List of work that do not require a permit MINOR WORK

A certificate of authorization is not required for minor work required for the normal maintenance of a construction, provided that the foundations, structure and exterior and/or interior partitions are not modified and the floor area is not increased.

This provision applies to individual items of minor work and not to a group of items.

The execution of minor works is subject to all general or specific provisions that apply.

As a guide, the following may be considered as minor maintenance work:

1) the replacement or repair of roofing provided that the materials used are identical or of equivalent nature

2) the installation of vents on the roof or under the eaves

3) painting, creosoting of walls or roof and tarring of roof;

4) chimney consolidation;

5) insulation and ventilation work provided the structure is not altered or manipulated;

6) installation or replacement of gutters

7) repair of mortar joints;

8) the replacement of glass or bay windows;

9) repair or replacement of damaged or deteriorated balcony components provided they are not enlarged or altered (handrails, steps, floors, etc.)

10) replacement of the electrical entrance provided that the electrical wiring inside the walls and ceilings is not modified

11) the addition of electrical outlets, switches, lighting or similar work

12) the transformation or modification of a central heating system (e.g., changing the oil burner for an electric furnace)

13) the repair or replacement of the plumbing system (pipes, sinks, toilets, baths) provided that the work does not require the demolition of walls or other structural components

14) the installation of a smoke evacuator (stove hood) in the case of a strictly residential occupation

15) repair or construction of shelves and cabinets except in the case of a complete kitchen renovation

16) replacement or alteration of floor coverings.


A Certificate of Approval is not required for :

– the installation of a winter carport

– the installation of a snow fence

– temporary buildings used on construction sites; these must be demolished or removed within 30 days of the end of the work.


Section 3.4 of By-law Number 311 concerning Permits and Certificates.

NB Unofficial translation. The French version remains the official text and prevails in the case of a discrepancy.

Permit request

To obtain a permit, please fill in the applicable form(s) below:

Please submit them to the Development and Inspections Department with any other required documents.

Request a Civic Address

To request a civic address, please fill in the following form:


For a change of address, please consult this page.

Procuration Form

If you are obtaining a permit and you are not yet a homeowner, or you are applying on behalf of homeowners, you must fill out the following form with them:


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