Open-air Fires

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Open-air burning is permitted on the territory of the Township of Hemmingford with or without a permit, under certain conditions.

Very high
Burning prohibited

Fires authorized without a permit

  • Fires in a fireplace conform to our by-law (closed on all sides by a spark screen)
  • Fires out of a conform fireplace, with a diameter and height of less than 1.5m
  • Fires on a campground in the designated fire pit provided by the campground


Other conditions to be respected at all times (fines may be applicable in the event of non-compliance with one or more of these conditions):

  • The fire must be more than 3m away from any other element (building, lot line, dangerous / flammable material).
  • The fire must be installed on non-combustible ground (paving, gravel, rock, sand, or other masonry materials).

Types of fires which require a permit


Residents are required to obtain a permit to conduct open air fires for fires that do not meet the requirements mentioned above.

Permits are signed annually and are only activated for a period of 10 consecutive days. Once this period has elapsed, simply call us and we will renew the permit for another 10-day period. Annual permits are not issued.

Please note that if you leave a message, your permit will not be activated until you receive verbal confirmation from the municipality.

The Fire Department is notified weekly of all active permits. A fire danger sign is posted at the municipal depot (636 Route 219). This sign will indicate when it is permitted to burn, whether your permit is active or not. Owners who burn without a permit or during a prohibited period will be fined.

Obtain a burn permit

If you have not yet signed a permit this year, please either

  • Call (450) 247-2050;
  • Come in person during our business hours;
  • Send an email request to

Conditions to follow at all times

  • It is strictly forbidden to brun leaves, grass, corn, toxic materials and waste.
  • Monitoring the fire is mandatory at all times.
  • Do not burn when  the wind velocity exceeds 25 km/h.
  • Do not burn more than one fire per lot.
  • Have at least one person of 18 years of age or over present at all times.
  • Have a source of water or extinguishing materials nearby.
  • Extinguish the fire completely by soaking all materials in water before leaving the premises.
  • Wait until the ashes are cold before leaving the premises.
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